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My review for this series

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My review for this series
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To tell the truth, I registered mainly so I could post this review. First, though, my gratitude to you translators, timers, and editors and the like for your efforts.

To tell the truth, I haven't seen a lot of animes that were truly bad, but then I've tended to try to steer clear of them. All the same, I've seen a real stinker or two, and in view of those, Okusama Wa Joshikousei seemed relatively harmless. I heeded the warnings against this series from others, but having lately seen (and rapidly purged) the vomitously bad Boku Wa Imouto Ni Koi O Suru, I figured a little fluff like this wouldn't hurt me much. Moreover, I had been looking for something like Onegai Teacher with the sexes of the teacher and student reversed, and this was about all I could find. As such, it seemed at least worth a viewing while I waited for someone to come up with something better. In contrast to the extremely negative opinions of some of the other reviewers, therefore, I feel only a vague sense of disappointment.

It's true that the series isn't very good, but I don't fault the wacky premise; if anything, the main failing of the series is rather that the writers don't seem to have exploited the full potential of such an unlikely situation. To wit:

--The story begins in the middle and ends in the middle. Asami and Kyousuke start off married with the marriage not yet consummated and end up the same way. It's a good thing I heeded the warnings from other reviewers not to expect any character development or punchline to this story, because there isn't any. Nothing life-changing really happens to anyone. Why not?

--We're never told anything, not even in a flashback, about how Asami and Kyousuke first met, fell in love, and got married. Sure, plenty of students in real life get "hot for teacher" and in a few cases, the feeling is mutual. A teacher and student deciding to go for broke and get married is therefore statistically improbable, but plausible enough to have happened to somebody in real life. Still, this inquiring mind wants to know: what did she see in him? How did Asami first come to like Kyousuke, and how did she get his attention? How did they ever find enough determination to take their relationship all the way to marriage? Sure, Asami and Kyousuke are both fairly easy on the eyes, but they couldn't be getting along so well if the attraction were purely physical. Oh, how I wish we could get some back-story!

--Speaking of back-story, the writers definitely should have told us more about Asami's violent father and how Kyousuke ever got such an unfriendly fellow to cut him a deal and write it up in that contract in the first place. It would seem more convenient for Asami's father, if he hated her hubby so much, simply to go complain to all the relevant authorities about it. Clearly, somebody must have been able to threaten or blackmail him into this compromise. I'd sure like to know who it was. (Asami, in spite of her meek personality? Kyousuke, in spite of his timidity? Asami's mother, if she still has one? Some other unrevealed character?) The story of how they made this deal would surely make for an excellent episode or two. It's too bad nobody thought to tell us that tale.

--Asami and Kyousuke both need to show a little more initiative, too. If nothing else, they could learn to close and lock the door behind them if they want to have some private time with each other. They also could have done a lot more to enlist the aid of the people around them in distracting unwelcome admirers. Kyousuke knew full well, for example, that one of his colleagues had a thing going for the teacher who had a hankering for him. Why didn't he try telling her about that other guy when she started coming on to him? Asami likewise could have sicced her dangerous father on the store manager who was in such hot pursuit of her at one point, had she thought of it. I could see all kinds of ways the writers of this series could have made a lot of comedy out of having this couple send their pursuers on one wild goose chase after another. Why couldn't the writers see this?

--We never do get more than a general hint of how much time is passing between one episode and the next. Asami seems to have passed through all four seasons, but we never see her celebrate a birthday or move up a grade in high school. Why not? Asami's impatience would make more sense if she and Kyousuke were nearing the end of their contract with her father, as they should have been. (This would explain Kyousuke's patience, too: there's only a year left on that contract, and a year doesn't seem quite so long a time to wait for something once you get past 20 or so.)

--As mentioned, there's no punchline, no truly grand finale. The writers simply run out of trouble to throw at Asami and Kyousuke, and then that's all. If they don't want to show us the consummation of the marriage, that's fine, but given how much more ecstatic Asami is likely to be at her graduation, having the series climax at the end with her graduation would have been much, much better. So why didn't it end there?

--While exaggeration is fine up to a point, it's utterly ludicrous how ridiculously well-endowed so many of the females in this series are. Honestly, I think I would like Asami's looks better if she didn't have such huge pontoons. Also, so many short dresses and so much fan service in a series is essentially an admission on the writers' part that they're trying to distract us from how weak their storytelling skills are.

--While the occasional reminder to the audience is fine, they didn't have to remind us at the beginning of EVERY FRIGGIN' HALF-EPISODE that Asami's secretly married to her physics teacher. The rest of the episode usually did a pretty good job of reminding us anyway.

In spite of all this, I'll concede this series did have a few good points. The opening and ending songs were pleasant enough to my ear that I never felt any urge to skip them. The enforced chastity on Asami and Kyousuke kept the story morally clean enough for all its naughtiness and fan service that I never felt particularly guilty for watching it. Though the humor was rather light and superficial, there were some genuinely funny moments. Nothing in it was such an insult to my retinas that I would want to call down a curse on everyone involved in making it. While it takes only half a brain to watch, that half comes through it intact and mildly stimulated.

All in all, it's not a bad way to waste an afternoon.

Besides, what else would I have to watch right now? The Onegai Teacher wannabes aren't getting any better.
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