28th November 2008 - 16:35 by kemuri-_9
Unexpected Downtime
The website encountered some difficulties with the main index page, it appeared to have been corrupted somehow.
The website was still up and running outside of that though.
Sorry for the trouble.

And as part of this, I’m removing most of the ads for the time being, to see if they were a part of this.
14th November 2008 - 11:11 by halo1322
Hyper Police Torrent Fixed
Issues with the Hyper Police batch file have been fixed down load the new torrent to resume. Sorry about the wait.

12th November 2008 - 05:35 by halo1322
Website Downtime
Just a note for all of our fans.

Sometime in the next 48-72 hours our site will be down briefly while the host servers undergo an upgrade. Expected outage should be approximately 10 minutes or less according to Servage. If it runs longer than that IT"S NOT MY FAULT!

06th November 2008 - 22:07 by halo1322
School Life...
Just to let you all know we’re still working on more Eureka7 to release. Things have slowed down a bit for us as I and kemuri-_9 are both attending school and working.

Anyway just a brief update for you, more to follow... Ja Matta!

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