16th October 2008 - 05:50 by halo1322
Eureka 7 Continues...
Is this smokin’ or what?! Up on the tracker for your downloading pleasure is another installment of Eureka 7 episodes 33-37.

Wonder if this could be a trend...

Thank Rayne04 for the fast turnaround to make this mid-week release possible.



08th October 2008 - 05:04 by halo1322
Eureka 7 Returns!!
I know you all thought this might never get moving again...


I finally figured out how to use YATTA after repeated drubbings from kemuri-_9 and Saoen. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my long suffering labor...

It is with great pleasure that LIME-Anime announces the continuation of Eureka 7 with the release of episodes 29-32... and YES I am working on the other episodes so more should be forthcoming soon.


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