20th September 2008 - 09:11 by halo1322
My Otome Completed
I know you’ve all been waiting for this for far too long so without further ado LIME-Anime proudly announces the completion of My Otome with the release of the batch file containing the final three episodes.

Please note that with the release of the batch file support for individual torrents will cease.


halo1322 and the LIME-Anime Team
14th September 2008 - 03:47 by halo1322
Tanuki are a Pain!
Ok, I think I’ve gotten all of the damn Tanuki sealed now... guess we’ll find out....

Up on the tracker is the next installment of Solty Rei episodes 4-6... Enjoy!!

Oh, and if you see a Tanuki running amok again please let us know...
12th September 2008 - 23:18 by halo1322
Rust & Tanuki Strike Again...
Well as kemuri-_9 said the Tanuki made off with my sub files so now there’s a version 2 for Solty Rei episode 3. Sorry about the problems with this one, but when you consider I haven’t had to do a v2 since Full Metal Panic TSR I think my average is pretty good. Anyway the v2 is up on the tracker and ready for you all to grab.

Again, sorry about the problems...
12th September 2008 - 03:36 by halo1322
A New Release From My New Home!
Here’s a little something to get you all started and reward you for your patience while I got settled into my new home... Don’t worry there’s a lot more coming...

Up on the tracker is a brand new series for us, Solty Rei and the first three episodes are waiting for you to grab them... Enjoy!!

halo1322 and the LIME-Anime Staff
- Edit by kemuri-_9 -
It turns out that the subtitles on episode 3 were stolen by those pesky tanuki (raccoons)! Expect a v2 soon...
1st September 2008 - 22:25 by halo1322
Donation Thank You
A big THANK YOU to Kevin H., Sunny G., and David B. for your donations!
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