22nd May 2008 - 18:02 by halo1322
Post ACEN State of the Anime Industry
Just so you all know, after kemuri-_9, Saoen, and Zalis returned from ACEN they had some pretty disturbing information on the state of the Anime industry. It seems that the companies that create, produce, and distribute anime aren’t doing so well. In fact some of them are getting out of American distribution all together (Geneon)while others are divesting themselves of licenses and temporarily suspending projects (ADV). Obviously these companies need our help and by that I mean support them, if you like something you’ve seen that we or another group have put out PLEASE consider purchasing the DVD. By doing this we all support the companies that bring us wonderful and enjoyable Japanese programs and movies. Purchasing their products allows them to continue doing so... Remember, their fate IS controlled by your action or inaction... don’t let something we all enjoy pass into the realm of history....
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halo1322 and the LIME-Anime Staff
17th May 2008 - 15:58 by halo1322
My Otome Arrives Earlier Than Expected!
Now all of you faithful Otome fans have something to cheer about!!
Bandai has released the 6th volume earlier than expected which means that we can release My Otome episodes 21 - 23 to you as an early summer treat.

On the tracker for your summer break enjoyment My Otome episodes 21 - 23.


10th May 2008 - 11:47 by halo1322
More Eureka 7 and Another Long Delayed Project Moves Forward
Happy Days!! Another installment of Eureka 7 and a project that was started just before Riza left finally resumes.

Up on the tracker for our loyal fans is Eureka 7 episode 28 and Somedays Dreamer episodes 1-4. Please note that the original first episode has been reworked for this release so the original torrent for episode 1 has been replaced.


3rd May 2008 - 16:01 by halo1322
Eureka 7 Returns!
After far too long Eureka 7 returns to life with the release of episode 27. It took me a while to get all of the problems ironed out, but I think you’ll be pleased with the quality. While we are not one of the bigger groups out there we do pride ourselves on the quality of our releases and to simply state it, if it isn’t right it doesn’t get released. As a result some of these take a lot longer to get done, especially if you’re learning how to encode with new tools and have a deployment to hot sandy places thrown in...

Anyway, here is your reward for all of your patience.
LIME-Anime finally releases Eureka 7 Episode 27!!


halo1322 and the LIME-Anime Staff
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