26th March 2008 - 18:18 by halo1322
And the Tears Start to Fall
Here’s a nice way to start your week... Try a little My Otome!

Emotions are starting to run high and sudden tragedy tear friends apart My Otome takes a darker turn with episodes 15 & 16...

On the tracker My Otome episodes 15-16


25th March 2008 - 19:33 by kemuri-_9
As you may have noticed, the site was down earlier, it was due to network hardware upgrades from the provider and took several hours to complete.

Sorry for the inconvience
22nd March 2008 - 13:58 by halo1322
"To be or not to be." An Otome’s Question....
Happy Spring everyone!

What is an aspiring Otome to do?! Arika must choose between the love of her life, her friends, and being an Otome...
What will she choose... you’ll have to watch to find out...

Up on the tracker for you to savor are My Otome Episodes 13-14.


halo1322 and the rest of the LIME-Anime Staff
19th March 2008 - 20:44 by halo1322
Masquerade and Romance and Ninja’s?
Looks like Queen Mashiro is going to discover some of the confusion and pain that Arika’s experiencing....

Up on the tracker are My Otome episodes 11-12

Enjoy the romantic carnage!!

16th March 2008 - 10:02 by halo1322
Yep It’s Gotta Be Spring.... The Otome’s are in Bloom...
You didn’t think I’d let you all go an entire week without any Otome did you?
Keep watching as things heat up between Arika and Major Wong. Can you guess what’s going to happen when Nina finds out?

LIME-Anime presents My Otome episodes 9 & 10.
Adventure, comic candle lit dinners, danger, & romance it’s all on the tracker waiting for you to grab it.


15th March 2008 - 16:29 by halo1322
Ahhhh..... Spring Must Be Near...
Well folks Spring must really be close because Saoen has made sure that you’ll all have something to look forward to to "put you in the mood."

LIME-Anime proudly announces the release of Ai Yori Aoshi episodes 10-12.
Get them now and watch them with someone special... (you get the idea)


13th March 2008 - 21:44 by kemuri-_9
ANN’s Interview With The Fansubber
If you haven’t noticed it on Anime News Network already, Tofusensei from Live-eviL (L-E) held an interview with one of ANN’s staff about fansubbing, it’s pretty good, read it
here if you haven’t already
3rd March 2008 - 01:35 by halo1322
Just to Round the Week End Out...
Just to round the week end out here’s episodes 7 & 8 of My Otome...

Enjoy the Dance!!

1st March 2008 - 16:42 by halo1322
Schoolgirl Uniforms, Swimsuits, and Tentacles.... Oh My!
Here’s yet another installment of My Otome to keep you all entertained this week end.... enjoy the swimsuit scene with the tentacles.... ;D

On the tracker for your leeching pleasure LIME-Anime Presents My Otome episodes 5 & 6.


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