30th January 2008 - 17:35 by halo1322
I Have Returned!!
The title says it all, I’m finally back from my desert sojourn. Now I’ve got to get back into the swing of things and start helping out my hard working team.

I’m glad to be home and glad I can get back to work on some of my interrupted projects.
16th January 2008 - 22:46 by kemuri-_9
The Harem Continues
Got more Ai Yori Aoshi for you, episodes 07 - 09 are now released, enjoy.
13th January 2008 - 05:40 by kemuri-_9
Well, the Hard drive has been replaced and the OS reloaded by the provider for the IRC bot so it is up and running again, still in the process of getting back the files for it, they will be added in approximately alphabetical order.
10th January 2008 - 14:36 by kemuri-_9
Crash and Burn!
Our regular IRC trolls (^^) would have noticed that we’ve had a new bot that was recently added to serve our newer files that weren’t available on IRC.

However, the server the bot was running on unfortunately had a hard drive failure and so will have to be completely reloaded which will take some time once again.
3rd January 2008 - 17:55 by kemuri-_9
Server maintanence Completed!
As you may have noticed, the website was down for a bit of time as the website was being maintained by the provider. It has been completed and is now up and running again.

Thank you for your cooperation on the matter.
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