30th October 2007 - 21:15 by kemuri-_9
The Raid Comes to an End...
In compliance with a Cease and Desist that our tracker provider received from FUNimation, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid is no longer supported.
20th October 2007 - 01:43 by kemuri-_9
The Dance Comes to an End!
Well, we had a little bit of downtime on the website due to some provider-side upgrades on some of their servers. We apologize for that and not giving out a prior notice as we were completely unaware of this until it happened as well.

But for the main point: the My HiME batch torrent has been released featuring the remaining last 4 episodes, 23 - 26. It also features a small related little bonus... Enjoy!

The single torrents for My HiME will now no longer be supported.
13th October 2007 - 16:56 by kemuri-_9
It’s been long overdue but here it is finally! a new Witch Hunter Robin batch torrent has been released featuring a version 2 of Episode 24.
The old batch torrent has been invalidated in the process. Just switch over to the new batch if you were on the old one.
12th October 2007 - 04:31 by kemuri-_9
More Carnival Carnage!? <_<
And we give you more My HiME with calling forth Episodes 20 - 22 from the dark abyss!
11th October 2007 - 01:22 by kemuri-_9
Let The Bizarre Continue!
Have more Ergo Proxy for you all today! Go grab Episodes 13-16! The bizarre and mind boggling continues...
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