26th August 2007 - 13:50 by halo1322
Eureka 7 Batch File Release
We got a suggestion from one of our fans and after discussing it decided that it made sense. So without further ado we are releasing a batch file to mark the completion of the first half of Eureka 7.

So to make life simpler for all Eureka 7 1-25 batch file is now on the tracker for your leeching pleasure.

Thanks for the suggestion BeAsTeR!
21st August 2007 - 05:46 by halo1322
Shakugan no Shana Returns!!
In a frenzy of releases these last few days Shakugan no Shana makes it’s triumphant return to our line up. Find out more on the past of the girl with the fire eyes...

Episodes 14 & 15 are on the tracker!... Enjoy!

Thanks to Rick H. for his donation of $10.00 to the cause of righteous anime!!
19th August 2007 - 00:15 by halo1322
Told You There’d be More Eureka7
Here you go kiddies... another dose of Eureka7 just like I promised.

Eureka7 episode 26 is on the tracker... Enjoy!!
18th August 2007 - 11:43 by halo1322
More Ergo Proxy for Those Who Just Can’t Get Enough...
How do you explain life, death, and love to someone who has never experienced any of it?
Watch Ergo Proxy episodes 11 & 12 and see if they can answer that question.
Here you go friends another serving of Ergo Proxy...episodes 11 & 12 are on the tracker... Enjoy!

Thanks to Kirby S. for his kind donation of $20.00!!
17th August 2007 - 21:21 by halo1322
Eureka7 is Finally Moving Forward... Can Love Stand the Shock?
After far too long Eureka7 is finally moving forward again...
Eureka7 episode 25 is on the tracker for all of you that are hopeless romantics... Enjoy!

Don’t worry there is more Eureka7 coming very soon...
15th August 2007 - 21:11 by halo1322
More Future Goth Strangeness...
Well for those of you that like dark and twisted....
Here’s another lashing good serving of one of the most twisted anime’s I’ve ever seen... Ergo Proxy episodes 9 & 10 are on the tracker for your twisted pleasure... Enjoy!!
12th August 2007 - 04:28 by halo1322
Green Green Batch File v2
Sorry about the wait folks, but the batch file has been fixed with a v2 and has been updated on the torrent page. Please re-download the torrent and resume your download.
11th August 2007 - 20:16 by halo1322
Green Green Corrupted Files for Eps 1, 2, & 4
It seems there’s a problem with three of the files in the Green Green batch file. We are aware of it and are working on getting a v2 out as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience.
11th August 2007 - 00:48 by halo1322
All Good Ecchi Must End... Eventually...
Well friends it’s time to say good bye to another project, but don’t worry we’ll do more...

Green Green concludes with this release, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Special thanks to BobafettBH for working so hard to help us wrap this series up. So there you are the last two episodes, Green Green 11 & 12, are included in the batch file which is on the tracker and waiting to be leched... er... leeched...
04th August 2007 - 16:39 by halo1322
Another Serving of Ecchi Goodness...
It’s been a while, but here it is another full serving of flagrant fan service from LIME-Anime... Green Green finally starts moving forward towards it’s conclusion, episodes 9 and 10 are on the tracker just begging to be leeched... or is that leched? Anyway, grab ’em and enjoy!

This is BobafettBH’s first encode for us so if you like his work praise him for it in the forums... (He blushes easily... lol)
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