27th July 2007 - 20:32 by halo1322
ADV Titles Are No Longer Available
Ok folks, I’m going to put this on our front page so everyone will hopefully get the message that ADV TITLES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE HERE!!

They have been removed at the request of ADV, therefore, PLEASE stop E-mailing us or requesting them in the forum. Basically if you don’t find a torrent on our site for a particular title it’s not available. I don’t think I can make that much clearer.
Any further requests received by E-mail will simply be ignored, requests received on any of the forums will be deleted.
16th July 2007 - 20:26 by halo1322
Full Metal Panic-TSR Finale
Well friends this is it...
My first encode from beginning to end has reached it’s conclusion. Is Chidori gone forever? Will Souske step back from the edge of despair? Get ready for a wild ride as the Mithril SRT struggles to stop a war...

Now on the tracker is the batch release containing the final episode of Full Metal Panic-TSR and OVA. Enjoy!
16th July 2007 - 00:02 by halo1322
Ergo Proxy Returns...
Finally after a long hiatus we’ve gotten another project moving forward again... with more coming soon...

Up on the tracker are Ergo Proxy episodes 5-8... Enjoy!
15th July 2007 - 00:35 by halo1322
Special Thanks
A very special thanks to Kevin H., Rick H., and Jeremy D. for your generous donations.
08th July 2007 - 13:00 by halo1322
Confusion, Despair, & Hate... Does Hope Even Stand a Chance?
Hong Kong burns and a ghost from the past...
It’s almost over, can Souske pull himself together before it’s too late?

Full Metal Panic-TSR episodes 11-12 are on the tracker... Enjoy!
07th July 2007 - 23:06 by halo1322
Vent Server for Registered Users!
Something new for our loyal fans to play with courtesy of our newest staff member BobafettBH. Enjoy!
If you have ventrilo and (Hopefully) Know what it is, there is now a ventrilo server for the Registered users to use as they please. If you want a reseed request and dont feel like waiting for a response in the forums, come onto the server and ask a staff member and well see what we can do, or if you just have a question or just want to hang out and talk to your buddies, its there and up 24/7. Register with the forums and go to the Announcement section for more details

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