28th February 2007 - 15:45 by Riza|Hawkeye
More hunting going on today as we give you Witch Hunter Robin 17 - 21. Enjoy it as best you can!
22nd February 2007 - 19:31 by Riza|Hawkeye
Slowly updating.... You’re Under Arrest Mini Specials 16 - 20 and a batch are up for you all today...
15th February 2007 - 14:14 by Riza|Hawkeye
The dying days....
Piano 08 - 10 along with a batch torrent are up today, go ahead... enjoy...
Another competition started yesterday, higher stakes this time!
09th February 2007 - 00:00 by Riza|Hawkeye
I heard that evil comes disguised...
More witchery tonight with Witch Hunter Robin 11 - 16. Don’t let it give you nightmares......
08th February 2007 - 16:39 by Riza|Hawkeye
Harmonic melodies...
A harmonic melody resonates today with Piano 05 - 07.
There is also a mass clearing of the tracker today. The following have been permanently removed: High School Girls 00 - 12, Ultra Maniac 01 - 08, You’re Under Arrest 25 - 36, Figure 17 04 - 07.
06th February 2007 - 15:30 by Riza|Hawkeye
Part of your breakdown...
Carrying on a series which seemed to have been forgotten... My HiME 13 - 16 are up on the tracker for y’all today.
Only a week left on the competition. If nobody wins it, another competition will begin soon after.
05th February 2007 - 11:50 by Riza|Hawkeye
LIME Anime, ADV and the law...
We got an e-mail, supposedly from ADV, the other day "demanding" we remove the torrents to their "licensed" material. This E-Mail was legitimate. As it stands, we will co-operate with ADV... However, we are standing by the fact that we do NOT host the files, nor make them available for download. We will have matters resolved shortly.
04th February 2007 - 18:00 by kemuri-_9
The Hunt Reaches the Next Stage!
The Witch Hunt continues with Witch Hunter Robin 06 - 10. Hmm... wonder if we should get these guys to hunt for Riza|Hawkeye and his captors?
3rd February 2007 - 18:00 by kemuri-_9
Louie Punch Launch!
On a different note, today we release the start of another new series from us. Rune Soldier 01 - 04 is now available for download!
2nd February 2007 - 20:30 by kemuri-_9
Our Secret Weapon Shana!
Since the capturing did indeed fail... (as expected), we release Shakugan no Shana 01 - 08 in attempt to lure the kidnappers with the seemingly cute melon bread eating girl.... and hope she kills them! ^_^
1st February 2007 - 16:00 by kemuri-_9
Capture Those Thieves!?
We hereby release You’re Under Arrest Mini Specials 11 - 15 in an attempt to recover the stolen Riza|Hawkeye... but will they have a chance of capturing the thieves?
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